Established in 1998 Istanbul, TORA-Petrol Ürünleri Mühendisliği Elektrik ve Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. operates in the field of engineering, consultancy, R&D for providing the operation, equipment and technical safety needs of the liquid fuel, LPG, CNG industry.It is company of providing design, site applications, periodic maintenance services,machine and equipment manufacturing and sale of manufactured products, besides custom-defined professional solution.

The founders and senior management of TORA have become engineers providing services in the oil and gas industry, including oil exploration, for over many years. Tora is the number one company in terms of the numbers of expert engineer employees in the industry

TORA being pioneer of principles, has beenthe first one designing, implementing and providing preventive maintenance program in fuel service industry. Simultaneously with the preventive maintenance, as the first time in the world TORA has been implementing “remote hazardous atmosphere monitoring” successfully in our country for more than ten years.

TORA, being included in the European Contractors list of many prominent corporations with whom Tora is proud of being partner and representative,  is being considered as worth of doing business in other countries of Europe.

TORA has exclusive representative of many products of worldwide accepted companies in Turkey and neighborhood countries.

Besides construction, mechanical, dispensing and piping systems, electrical, electronic and automation facilities in gas stations TORA has also provide equipment installation, maintenance, project management and consulting for industrial sites hving fuel storage tanks and for oil companies themselves.

TORA is market leader in last generation rollover-touchless automatic car wash systems, tunnel type washing units procurement, installation and service.

TORA, besides its R&D and technological applications of alternative and renewable environment friendly energy subjects, is continuously making research and investment for producing of this kinds of products. In terms of EN-VER (Energy Efficiency), TORA has included LED systems in its R&D activities in the filed of light-illumination engineering. By this development, a new era for illumination of fuel stations with better, economical and more visual has been reached as well as supporting energy efficiency efforts of Turkey and the reduction of energy costs. 

Hving periodic maintenance operations including tank cleaning, preventive maintenance of electrical infrastructure and measurement of grounding, site and infrastructure controlling, TORA also includes  gas detection systems installation and calibration facilities.

TORA is continuing its above mentioned activities its center office building hving social and sport facilities over a total area of 3000-square meters closed and 4000-square meters open,  with 135 personnel and thirty four country-wide district representatives.

Our Aims and Principals


In the middle future, we want to see TORA in energy sector as follow:

•    To be able extend our products and services to our near by regions,
•    To be mentioned first about her expertise in international platform,
•    To be unprecedented for our customers and suppliers.
•    To be able seen as a privilege to work in TORA for our employees.
•    To see all the other companies in the sector following TORA’s corporate management methods.

Our Principles and Approaches

As TORA, our mission is to sustain professional solutions in engineering, consultancy, R&D, project management, field applications (automation, mechanical, dispenser, electrical and construction), periodical maintenance services aimed at providing the operational and technical safety needs of the fuel handling as well as manufacturing (electric board, air-water gauge), sale of products and after-sale services.

•    Human creativity is our most valuable resources. We regard this resource as the most important one in ourproducts and service supplied top our customers. The main parameter of our sustainable compatible edge isthis resource.
•    We are honest and abided to corporate values
•    We work with creative, productive and enthusiastic people and suppliers.
•    We assess incidents and environment with our engineering notion.
•    In technical jobs, we work in the leadership of our expert of individual fields. Other always try to support teamwork headed by them.
•    We start to work by understanding the missions and visions of our customers.
•    We create common values with our customers and protect them.
•    We continually learn and improve ourselves throughout the life. We use these values effectively in order toincrease our common success.
•    We do not asses scientific truths for the benefit of our interests.
•    We aim perfection with considering aesthetic views.

Our Quality Policy


Corporate Principles

As a corporate management strategy, we consider human creativity the most important decisive factor in overall handling and implementation of our activities. We do our work fondly with an amateur spirit, and aim perfection. Team spirit and team work understanding are the basic element of our corporate culture. We love our country; we share our learned information about our specialized field with the sector. We believe the idea that those who love his/her country best do their jobs best.

What we think about our customers

First we try to understand our customers knowledge about the products and services that they need. If necessary, we try to inform them about the products and services in order to help their decisions. Then we work to find the most quick and correct solution for customers’ expectations and needs. We prepare the most convenient project and offer in terms of price and implementation by considering future technological developments and changes related about our customers’ needs. The names of our customers’ projects are not cold statistics, but real, living projects like humans. Our customers are not different people from us, they are part of our jobs. We try to introduce new products and implementations in the sector to our customers and increase their understanding of quality.

Our Understanding of Quality and Standard

It is a base for the company to do works under certain principles and rules. It is a duty of all employees to oversee and demand for improvement of Quality Management System. We heavily support means and tools that will improve quality of our goods and services by investing on these ideas. While performing our activities, we obey the local legal documents. Besides local legal arrangements, we follow international laws and standards and try to develop new job opportunities by apply these rules in the sector. We try to preserve accepted quality standards in our goods and services that we supply to our customers due to our quality understanding.

Our Understanding of Job Safety

As nature of its activities, TORA always assesses all risks in its work area and provides all the necessary preventive actions. TORA always keeps in mind the importance of the health and assets for customers and its employees besides environmental effects of its activities. While working, we always monitor safety precautions and inform our partners in progress of the jobs.

Our understanding of Employees

It is our main objective that our employees try to be the leader of his/her colloquies for new ideas, creative and investigative in all their activities. The corporate provides all necessary trainings, reference documents and resources to his/her employees so as to achieve these objectives.

Our Understanding of Suppliers

In relations to our suppliers, we demand high quality of goods and services from them. For this aim, we try to work with our suppliers together.

Our Responsibilities as TORA Management It is our main objective to develop and continually improve our corporates’ performance. In this context, we continually and systematically monitor our products and services. We define required objectives, provide necessary resources and perform these objectives. We organize and perform all our activities according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System standard.


All our employees are responsible for Health, Safety and Environment in offices, working places, retail sites, building sites and everywhere they work. Health, safety and environmental concerns are at least as important as the quality, the cost and the timing of the jobs.
In general, the subjects included in our HSE policy is summarized as follow:

•    We work everywhere with considering all legal frameworks of occupational health and safety and environment.
•    Before working, firstly we take all the necessary preventions about health and safety, and then start to work.
•    While planning the timing and costs of the works, we consider health and safety rules, and then make the work program and cost analysis.
•    We try to assess in advance every kind of risks related with the every work and work environment, and then we provide necessary and required equipment used for health, safety and environment.
•    We give periodic training to our employees about working without hving accidents, preventing hazards to people and environment and continually measure their performance.
•    We give periodic first aid trainings to our employees.
•    Our employees use personnel protective equipment related with their works. We control their usage continually.
•    We review our HSE risks continually.
•    We try to decrease the risks minimum by working together with other companies, competitors and dealers..
•    We review the performance of our HSE management systems periodically and improve it.
•    During our activities, we try to decrease resource consumption by controlling them.
•    We try to decrease contamination caused by our activities.
•    We take all the necessary safety precautions in advance in order to prevent fuel spillage to the environment.
•    The equipment that we install have all required quality and certificates.
We commit ourselves to comply with all above mentioned items.


Dear Customers,
Our main objective is to call us always only to show your satisfaction.
Our Customer Relations Manager is always at your service to answer your wishes and desires.
You can inform us any kind of demand, suggestions or complaints to us through;
•    www.torapetrol.com
•    Support Line 0 850 222 87 22
•    Satisfaction Inquiry

The first job that we will do immediately is to notify you that we have received your complaint and started to work on it.

We commit ourselves to solve all your complaints about services within 7 days and about products within 15 days.

We believe that it is an indicator of our honest and hardworking character to solve your all complaints in a short time with an objective, fair and impartial manner.

We know it is one of your important needs to be informed about the every stage of your complaints.

We are conscious of the fact that it is the most important thing to make a root cause analysis of your complaint so as to prevent their re-occurrence.

Our transparency is the appearance of our trust to ourselves.

Your opinions are our the most valuable leadership.

We do never forget the fact that your health and environment are always the first.

We follow our complaint handling procedures and improve it continuously.

We commit ourselves to comply with all above mentioned items.


Basic Objectives

Our ultimate aim is to have employees who do not smoke and drink alcohol.

•    Use of drug is completely forbidden.

•    Drinking alcohol during working and coming to work hving effects of alcohol is completely forbidden.

•    Smoking during the work is completely forbidden.

Trainings, Audits and Encouragements

•    We give periodic trainings about the hazard of smoking, alcohol and drugs to all our employees and subcontractors.

•    We make alcohol tests to our employees planned and unplanned intervals.

•    We make a blood test to all our employees once a year.

•    We encourage our employees to stop smoking and drinking alcohol and make an award those who stopped to use them.


•    We prefer to recruit new employee those who do not smoke and drink alcohol.

•    We stop our business relations with those who do not follow the prohibitions and rules immediately.

We commit ourselves to comply with all above mentioned items.


Main Objectives

Our main aim is to prevent all our traffic accidents, keep our risks under control, and improve our driving with a planned and implemented driving management system.

•    All drivers in TORA have all the legal documents of competence and licenses (Driving License, Driver Occupational Certificate, ADR Certificate, etc.).

•    We give defensive and advance driving trainings to all our employees and sub-contractors.

•    We give safety in traffic trainings to all our employees in order to establish a defensive driving culture.

•    We control the speed of all our vehicles through a satellite tracking system.

•    We expect to be informed by sensitive drivers about any problems related with us through TORA Support Line information on all our vehicles.

•    We try not to drive after 9 pm, if we need, we get permission.

•    We give periodic trainings on struggle against sleeplessness.

•    We check our drivers whether they hve any traffic punishment periodically.

•    We keep track of all our traffic accidents, try to find root-cause of them, and share these findings to all our employees.

•    We put signs about safety in traffic inside the vehicles and warehouse area. We pay attention the order of vehicle storage of equipment and materials.

•    We track the maintenance of our vehicles and try not to have vehicles older than 5 years.

•    We periodically measure the pressure and thread depth of our vehicles’ tires. We change the tires when necessary.

•    We make an award to those who drive safely in traffic in order to encourage them.

We commit ourselves to comply with all above mentioned items.

Tora Etik Davranış Kuralarımız için tıklayınız

Our Memberships

Social Responsibility Projects

ITU Robot Olympiad Sponsorship

Van Earthquake

We hve sent our fully-equipped panelvans to the are on 31.10.2011 for conducting the early HSE controls of gas stations in order to help those people and share their pains ;

In our team, there are;

• 1 Electrical technician,

• 1 Mechanical technician,

• 1 Civil technician .

We hve sent the reports, being prepared for one week site works, about the sites to oil companies.

Education Support

Tora has been supporting education since it has established in the idea that we hve to educate our children today for our prosperous future. Besides supporting institutions and initiatives supporting education, TORA also provides scholarships and internships.

Red Crescent Aids

We hve supported Turkish Red Crescent for Southeast Asia Earthquake.

Historical Projects Support

Respect to History Project started on February 2006, there has occurred a huge development at Gelibolu Semi Island Historical National Park. We hve supported this historical project which has been initiated by one of our customers Opet oil company.

Scientific and Environmental Projects Support

TORA has been supporting scientific competitions and graduation projects of many universities. Especially, Eco-Marathon competitions are closely monitored and supported.