<h1>Preventive Electrical Maintenance</h1>

Preventive Electrical Maintenance

Orderly and complete working condition may be a plant, it is possible to be done in periodic preventive maintenance time. Plant and equipment by performing periodic preventive maintenance function makes self expected to complete their work with the aim of bringing cases are found instead. In addition, the normal life of the plant and equipment would be extended in proportion opportunities. In this regard, preventive maintenance is very important for both businesses and the economy as well as plants. This has materialized with preventive maintenance outlined below:

●   The main entrance (RST) to measure the current and voltage values

●    Overcurrent and overvoltage protection equipment in the main control panel

●    Control of main board inside wiring

●    The main control panel bar links

●   Therm-scanner measured by infra-red thermal value of the main board inside the electrical equipment

●    Control of the compensation stage

●    Control of the pumps and dispensers, except sub-panel control panels, cleaning and measurement

●    Pump and tank manhole under control within exproof input

●    Tanker grounding bus, underground fuel storage tanks, fuel and LPG dispensers / pumps, main panel, lightning arrester, measurement and approved the report of the canopy and ground preparation

●    Generators, UPS, types and characteristics of the existing regulatory reporting

●    Dispenser / pump and filling hose electrical conductivity control

●   Reading the LEL in the station basement and water wells. Reporting of electrical equipment in the basement

●    Over the tank and dispensers / pumps and building electrical wiring within six manhole pipe (conduit) of space between the cables (annular space) isolating polyurethane foam input.

●    Car wash and jet wash out the ground control outside the body of the washing machine and making electrical leakage control and reporting.

●    Emergency circuit controls the work done by the emergency lighting light cutting (particularly at stations where reporting is checked whether the system is connected to the generator)