Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR)

SIR is a method allowing to 24/7 control of possible gains or losses of the stored and sold products in fuel service stations. Tora & Gilbarco Veeder-Root offer their customers SIR reports approved by EPA and ISO EN 17020.

All possible gains and losses above the limit of 9 liters per day (EPA Standard) of the products detected with statistical analyses, are reported at the end of the day.

Tora & Gilbarco Veeder-Root which is the only SIR company with certificated EPA and EN 17020 in the sector, also provides leak tests for all underground fuel storage tanks at the same time.



TORA’s Responsibilities

  1. TORA will supply and use all the necessary precautions and safety equipment during the inspection activities as defined in laws and standards.
  2. TORA accepts and commits that any commercial and/or technological information about the customer gathered during the inspection activities cannot be disclosed to third parties, institutions and agencies under any condition without a written consent of the customer due to confidentiality principle. If this information has to be disclosed to third parties due to the laws, customer is informed as defined in the laws.

TORA’s Rights and Authorities

  1. TORA has the authority to withdraw, re-issue or cancel an issued report if needed. In all the cases, customers are informed via e-mail and verbally.
  2. The report numbers of cancelled reports are announced publicly on website.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Customer is responsible to give certain and correct information about the inspection items or activities.
  2. Customer is supposed to accept “TORA and Customer Rights, Authorities and Responsibilities” conditions that are announced on official website of TORA on approving the offer form by signing it.
  3. Customer is responsible to make the preparations according to each inspection activities that are defined in the section of “Pre-Inspection Activities That Should Be Done By Customers” on TORA’s official website. Customer is supposed to accept that inspection activities are going to be performed by TORA if any required preparations are not done properly and has to pay any related expenses.
  4. Customer is responsible to give back the original inspection reports if requested by TORA.
  5. Customer has to destroy the copies of cancelled or withdrawn inspections reports and should not use anyway.
  6. Customer is supposed to accept that for Statistical Inventory Reconciliation inspection all the inspection activities are carried out by the information coming from the customer who is responsible for the accuracy of these data.

Customer Rights and Authorities

  1. Customer has rights to request any kind of data about the inspection activities.
  2. Customer has rights to complain or claim according to Complain and Claim Procedure announced on TORA’s official web site.
  3. Customer has rights to be informed about the reasons of withdrawn or cancelled inspection reports. Customer has rights to demand payments back if he/she does not any defects about the cancelled inspection reports.
  4. Customer has rights to demand information about the pre-inspection activities that should be done by customer.
  5. Customer has rights to demand information as mentioned in the laws about the information that is sent to third parties about the inspection activities due to the law.


  1. Customer is responsible for pre-inspection preparation for Tank Acoustic Tightness Tests follows:
    • Above the tank site area should be clear. There should not be a series physical problem for opening the manhole covers.
    • There should not be much mud, water or fuel in the manholes.
    • During the inspection test, the sales from inspected tank and any manifolded tanks should be stopped.
    • If necessary, tank automation system should be stopped.
    • During the inspection test, there should be an access to main electrical board in order to stop the required electrical equipment.



Customers can send complains and claims through the below mentioned ways. All complains and claims are handled according to below mentioned method.