Tank Automation Applications

Automation maintenance activities are performed once in a year so as to provide sustainability of the system. Scopes of the maintenance activity are listed below:

  • Inspections on probes, riser units
  • Inspections on cables and cable connections between ATG (Automatic Tank Gauging System) ad probes
  • Functionality tests on PLLD (Pressurized Line Leak Detector)
  • Inspections on cables of PLLD system
  • ATG will be dissembled and will be clear of dust
  • ATG printer will be tested
  • Energy supply to the ATG unit should be provided via an UPS, inspections will be focused on existence of an UPS and connections from this unit
  • Inspection on electronic cards
  • Cable entries and isolations will be checked. Isolation will be provided by PolyWater foam, whenever it is necessary
  • ATG version control and setup will be done. Earlier, including those which were installed in all ATG will ensure that the latest version.
  • ATG between Turpak automation system with RS232 and dims the card by checking the connection of the cable is undamaged and will be confirmed to be connected securely. The problem will be fixed in the problematic connection.
  • ATG devices via TCP / IP card and check the connection and communicate with the router will be confirmed. If it is determined a connection problem, the fault will be eliminated due to the device or connection. Corrupt and working TCP / IP card will be replaced with new ones from the stock of the distributing company.
  • ATG probe with insulation in the conduit between the console will be checked. Insulation will be insulated with foam unsuitable Polywater all points.
  • ATG calibration device with the information found on the product label of the tank-top that will be mutually verify that your check.

Tank calibration data will be checked