Basement is filled with perlite

Technology and innovation are closely following the sectoral Petroleum fuel station located in the Tora on to secure the basements also continues to produce innovative and effective solutions.

As is known, according to TS-12820 standard petrol stations built after 2006 must have the basement. But it's more built in the basements of existing stations in previous years and basements pose a risk in the event of a fairly large accumulation of fuel and fuel vapors. These solutions have been developed various measures and methods to make them safer in recent years basements are still used.

Tora also available basements of one of the innovative solutions it offers Oil "Perlite" using the fill and to make it more secure. The advantages and methods of this solution can be summarized briefly as follows.

First; Bodrum prior work examining the solid adequate safety measures (LEL measurement, the collection of environmental security, etc. to use appropriate PPE.) All electrical equipment in the basement on (electrical panels, generators, explosion-proof non lighting etc.), Safely dismantled by electrical connections It is isolated from the source. Then, out of all the windows opened in the basement, doors, vents and so on. It is built with bricks removed. This process is located in the basement sink and so on. It is blinded by removing material in the pipe. Thus from outside the basement is isolated against fuel leakage or vapor.

Fill in the chamber walls at a certain thickness to be plastered with mortar perlite. Bodrum base, so there is no gap in the series of perlite base material. Sites shipped perlite bags in rows stacked on top of the basement walls oluştururca. Gaps may remain between perlite bags plastered with a special mortar. This process is repeated until the entire basement filled and sealed with concrete after plastering mortar perlite with the latest entry in the basement.

Thus, this solution results due to their natural structure into pearlite;

    - Absorbing the gas through the porous structure of perlite can access the media is prevented from circulating freely

    - It prevented the collapse of the resistance to fire thanks to flame.

    - Waterproofing is provided.

     - Overhead is not brought into the building.

    - It does not cause any harm to the environment and the need for regeneration does not occur.