Petrol Pump & Dispensers

For more than 100 years, running trouble-free anywhere in the world unique Gilbarco fuel, lpg and cng dispenser and pump are MID and ATEX certificated. The best fuel pump in the world Gilbarco is works seamlessly with any product group (unleaded gasoline, diesel, euro diesel, 97 octane, 98 octane, 100 octane). Gilbarco fuel pump and dispenser can service without meter deviation for years. Gilbarco Turkey distributor Tora Petrol offers Horizon SK700-II and Frontier models as Gilbarco to station owners. For all models fuel, LPG, CNG and adblue sale is possible. You can work long term with C+ meter which has the lowest deviation. The all pumps are compatible with ZVA, Elaflex, OPW, Trelleborg hose, nozzle and breakaway equipment. It works %100 compatible with used brands Beko, Profilo, Turpak and Mepsan cash register.