<h1>Conveyor Tunnel System Softline</h1>

Conveyor Tunnel System Softline

From the start to the exit - cleanliness

No location is like any other, and every operator must pursue his own strategy. WashTec therefore offers modular machine technology that includes all the elements for all sorts of different requirements. All the modules are available as cost-effective basic variants with with additional equipment for premium demands.

*All elements of the conveyor tunnel systems are available as efficient basic versions or with additional equipment for premium requirements

*Modern, reliable technology provides ease of operation and optimum washing and drying results

*Optimised stability of all modules safe operating costs

*Patented linear technology: Clean vehicles, even at fast conveyor belt speeds


The highlights design our conveyor tunnel systems SoftLine


Modular design

WashTec's vehicle wash tunnel system is built on a modular basis. Components that can be combined individually allow the car wash tunnel to be flexibly designed according to size, equipment and vehicle flow rate.

Patented linear technology

The unique patented linear technology gives outstanding cleaning results even at high conveyor speeds. Roof and side brushes move with the vehicle, thus cleaning more intensively.

Robust and low-maintenance

With our vehicle wash tunnels, you obtain the special WashTec quality at a low operating cost. Low-maintenance technology, low water consumption combined with high reliability will ensure excellent returns even for the most cost-conscious operators.

Special washing results

Well thought-out washing technology gives extra cleanliness which promotes your business and guarantees attractive profits.

maximum flexibility

With the SoftLine Vario concept, we are expanding the possibilities for customers to mix and match our conveyor tunnel systems.