Flexible self-service technology for every location size

WashTec provides the right solution for every area of application: from 1 to 8 positions as a cabinet, rack or container system, WashTec is your efficient partner.

WashTec self-service washing technology is characterised by low running costs and high maintenance intervals – advantages that keep your costs in check.

The modularity of WashTech self-service technology allows site layouts that meet all sorts of different needs.

The attractive steel structure is easy to extend and offers a wide range of roof variants to choose from.

Flexible, self-service technology for profitable use of empty space

*Simple technology for starting out in the self-service washing business

*Compact systems with a full set of functions

*Stylish steel construction with 5 roof variants to choose from

*Modular technology with maximum fl exibility in terms of washing programmes

*Maximum costeffectiveness with low operating costs


With WashTec's HobbyWash technology, you can utilise your option to achieve more turnover through additional customer groups.