<h1>LPG Sumbersible Pump</h1>

LPG Sumbersible Pump

High quality is recognized as the leading brand in the industry in terms of fuel management solutions and 2003 LPG Premier pump series successfully, which have been put on the market Gilbarco Veeder-Root, today and automotive use to provide the best and most reliable LPG pump solution that is suitable for both industrial applications continuing.

Veeder-Root Red Jacket LPG Premier range of submersible centrifugal pumps, removing profitability to the highest level, service station owners - better flow performance, durability, or adaptive ability of the direction - is designed to help them to meet every demand.

The main design features

• Registered Ex d IIB T3 design explosion-proof electrical submersible motors.

• Bed cooling and lubrication system for maximum cooling during the distribution process, provide longer life and lower maintenance costs.

• Internal bypass system for continuous cooling during operation.

• Multi-stage centrifugal pump system for lower power consumption.

• Split pump / motor winding for easy installation and maintenance.

• High differential pressure capability provides high flow performance with various LPG mixtures guaranteed.

• For high durability robust, durable construction.

•Pressure-based protection system for pump and motor.

• quiet operation