<h1>Maxiwash Combi</h1>

Maxiwash Combi

The washing of commercial vehicles has its own laws. Customers have particular requirements when it comes to washing quality and speed. In addition, special technical preconditions are needed in view of the size and characteristics of many vehicles.

 The vehicle wash facilities of the MaxiWash Generation are consistently focussed on achieving maximum efficiency. This is why WashTec is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial vehicle washing facilities.

These are the special features that characterise our MaxiWash systems:


Intelligent cutting edge technology

The carefully conceived functions of the MaxiWash Generation open up the possibilities that you need for cost-effective operation.

Reliable technology

The low-maintenance technology of our MaxiWash systems guarantees a long working life with minimum maintenance, thus saving time and costs.

Special washing results

Innovative washing components provide a special standard of cleanliness that will promote your business and generate attractive profits.

Additional options to increase turnover

The MaxiWash systems also have a wide range of additional programmes and extensions so that you can precisely match your washing facilities to the needs of your customers.