<h1>SoftCare Pro Classic</h1>

SoftCare Pro Classic



The SoftCare Pro Classic gives you full performance and high functionality at an attractive price:

*New: Express washing programmes – high-quality care programmes in less than 6.5 minutes

*New: "Cyclo" design with eye-catching LED lights

*New: Modern LED banner display for actively addressing customers

*New: Large washing width 2.4 m – also suitable for large SUVs

*New: 21 inch wheel washers – also for large wheel rims.

*Cost-efficient system from 400 washes per month

*First-class design and workmanship

*Ultra-modern, maintenance-friendly technology

*Top washing and drying results

The SoftCare Pro Classic from WashTec is the cost-efficient gantry car wash for businesses from 400 washes per month. Benefit also with this entry-level model for professional car washing from the special quality of the SoftCare® technology.

Variable frame sizes from 3.05m, 3.20m, 3.40m, 3.50m, 3.60m and 3.70m ensure the optimum capacity utilisation of the hall height.

Ideal washing heights of 2.25m, 2.40m, 2.50m, 2.60m, 2.70m, 2.80m and 2.90m - perfect dimensions for current vehicle dimensions.

New: Optionally available in the new wider frame width of 2.60m now also suitable for new types of vehicles, e.g. saloons, vans and SUVs.

By making maximum use of the available hall height, it is possible to maximize your business potential.