<h1>SoftCare2 Pro</h1>

SoftCare2 Pro


SoftCare2 gantry car washes – well-equipped for the future

Two central aspects of the car wash of tomorrow were accorded special attention in the development of the SoftCare2 generation:

An improvement in the washing and drying result for the many different car sizes and body shapes and optimisation of plant efficiency.

Guided by the motto of "True class down to the last detail", we developed our successful model SoftCare further in various areas:

NEW: entry track widened to 2050 mm

NEW: diagonally positionable wheel washers for rims to 21"

NEW: the wash material SofTecs2

NEW: rotating and oscillating high pressure on the side

NEW: better drying thanks to optimised air flow

NEW: modern plant design

 SoftCare2 – First class down to the last detail

Advanced Chemical System ACS - the first cartridge chemical system for gantry car wash systems revolutionises the handling of cleaning and maintenance materials!

*Additional convenience: quick and easy cartridge replacement, eliminates risk of confusion!

*Additional quality: no operation without chemicals, optimum metering ratio at all times and exact cost control!

*Additional safety: no more exposure to chemical products!


New equipment variants with potential for additional turnover

NEW: WheelFlash - Enhanced wheel rim cleaning! Precisely accurate and area-covering application of the wheel rim cleaner leaves wheels that gleam

NEW: Insect Special - Targets insect residues even more precisely and effectively removes these. The ultra precision application of the insect remover ensures outstanding results when washing in summer.


Perfect dimensions for maximum business

Wider entry lane up to 2.05 metres for large and small cars.

The optimum dimensions of 3.05 m, 3.20 m, 3.40 m, 3.60 m and 3.70 m.

Ideal washing heights of 2.25 m, 2.40 m, 2.60 m, 2.80 m and 2.90 m.


Wheel washer

*The best wash for large and small rims.

*The diagonal advance always meets the rim in the middle, and ensures optimal cleaning, even with 21" rims.


Rotating roof nozzle – FlexStream

The new rotating roof nozzle with three functions: application of chemicals, high-pressure washing and drying.


Swivelling side high-pressure

For improved removal of coarse dirt from the front, rear and sill-beam area.

Three pairs of swivelling full-jet nozzles on either side.


Optimised sidedrying: precise channelling of the air jet avoids turbulence, thus improving the drying of the vehicle.

The new generation shines with an even more attractive design:


Attractive design with four variants: Classic, Star, Multi, Chrono.

Modern forms, bright LED lights and clear indication of functions via LED display really draw customers to your system.

 Environmental aspects

Our systems deliver the best possible cleaning result with the lowest possible use of energy and raw materials.

A WashTec gantry system with water recovery uses 30 litres less fresh water per cycle than a domestic washing machine.

Closed system circuits prevent used water, shampoo and oil residue from entering the ground unhindered.

Maximum possible recycling rates: even the technical specifications for developing a WashTec machine include specific details on optimum recyclability.