<h1>SoftCare2 Pro Touchless</h1>

SoftCare2 Pro Touchless


The SoftCare2 Pro Touchless features first-class supplementary equipment to make your washing business even more successful.

*Two versions are possible: Pure high pressure or a combined high-pressure brush system

*NEW: TurboNozzles ensure powerful, yet gentle high-pressure cleaning

*Appeal to the target group of customers who wash by hand by offering them a pure high-pressure wash option

*High-pressure wash with SofTecs finish for customers who attach great importance to a quality wash

*High-pressure wash and ShineTecs polish with 'repair effect' for particularly demanding customers

The SoftCare² Pro car wash is the perfect machine for everyone looking to position their washing business in the top quality segment. The combination of effective high-pressure and brush washing makes exceptional washing results possible, which customers with high quality expectations are prepared to pay extra for.

SoftCare2 Pro Touchless: The future in high-pressure washing!

WashTec TurboNozzles

In contrast to flat spray nozzles which fan out the water jet, the TurboNozzles converge the water into a point jet with the effect that water strikes the vehicle with much greater power and thus achieves far more effective cleaning.

 To allow the point jet of the TurboNozzles to effectively clean the surfaces of the vehicle, the jet rotates and forms a distinct cone of water. The overlapping of the individual nozzle spray patterns and the movement of the car wash over the vehicle ensure effective cleaning all over.

 Chemicals are applied during the prewash effectively and sparingly by the 360° swivelling FlexStream roof nozzle. During this process, the SoftCare² Pro Touchless memorises the contour of the vehicle, which is recalled when performing the HP wash. This speeds up the overall washing process.

Pure high-pressure wash

Above all, customers who wash by hand prefer a particularly gentle form of vehicle cleaning. You can now offer them a non-contact high-pressure washing option and tap into an entirely new target group. It is also a perfect way to set your washing business apart from the local competition.

 High-Pressure Wash and SofTecs Finish

Combined care: The complete high-pressure wash with subsequent SofTecs finish. The vehicle is fully cleaned by the high-pressure wash. The subsequent SofTecs finish creates a high-quality dual wash, which even your most demanding customers will appreciate.

 High-Pressure Wash and ShineTecs-Polish

High-pressure wash with ShineTecs polish: This combination enables you to appeal to drivers who only want the very best for their 'prized possessions'. The high-pressure wash ensures the effective but gentle cleaning of the car. The ShineTecs polish then treats the paintwork with its 'repair effect', giving it an exceptional shine.