<h1>Softcare2 Takt</h1>

Softcare2 Takt


The specialist for servicing two cars at the same time

Nothing washes and dries faster:

*Economical system for 1200 washes or more per month

*Washing and drying in 2 1/2 minutes

*Available in 4 design variants

*The latest maintenance-free technology

*Top washing and drying results even at maximum speed

The SoftCare² Takt car wash closes the gap between gantry machines and conveyor tunnel systems perfectly. The two structural portals next in line afford a parallel washing and drying of two vehicles. Such as two portals accelerate your business up to 20 vehicle washes an hour.

SoftCare² Takt is the ideal solution for all operations that want to maximum their profits of their washing business through a high customer frequency

*Top locations with more than 1,200 washes / month.

*A high customer frequency mens that fast throughput times are essential if waiting times are to be avoided

*The limited space available means that a car wash tunnel is not possible in spite of the high demand.


These are the special features that characterise SoftCare² Takt:


At the same time washing and drying

Bye the SoftCare² Takt can you accelerate your business with two portals - up to 20 vehicle washes an hour.

Wash and dry two cars at the same time; the separation of the gantries into a washing zone and a drying zone enable a very high throughput

1. Washing: One roof washer and two side washers optimally clean all shapes of vehicle.

2. Drying: No water is used in the dry zone. As a result, the powerful roof and side dryers can deliver optimum performance


Intelligent cutting-edge technology

The well-thought out technology of the SoftCare² Takt opens the door to many innovative functions. You benefit from optimum wash results and lasting customer satisfaction.

Cost-effective operation

The first-class workmanship in the SoftCare² Takt guarantees a long working life with the minimum of maintenance.


Special washing results

The gentle, effective washing provided by SoftCare² Takt washing technology will convince your customers and increase their loyalty to your company.

Additional options to increase turnover

Thanks to a broad range of equipment options, you can match your services perfectly to the wishes of your customers and the market situation at your site – and maximise your profits.



With SoftCare² Takt, you profit from more turnover through more washes.