Sumbersible Pumps

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s submersible turbine pumps provide the most efficient way to pump fuel on a forecourt with consistent flow rates, no vapour lock and minimal maintenance.

Our Red Jacket range includes standard fuel and LPG submersible turbine pumps suitable for automotive and industrial applications.

All petrol stations should be used in pressurized fuel line is ATEX certified Red Jacket brand submersible pumps. Tora Oil Red Jacket takes the Turkey distributor of the brand for over 10 years. It said product in Turkey Tore plant underwent a test after all the checks are printed with ATEX certification authority from Gilbarco. 1 ½, 2 and 4 HP submersible pump fuel. Red Jacket submersible LPG pump at the same time has also been offered for sale. All our products are working with mechanical or electronic leak detector leak detector MLD. Red Jacket submersible pumps using electricity, you make both economies would have been under control until all the fuel lines in the fuel tank fuel pump. According to TSA 12820'y all leak detectors once a year should be checked by experts