<h1>TLS 4 Series</h1>

TLS 4 Series

Veeder-Root’s powerful TLS4 automatic tank gauge helps keep your sites running…and profitable. The TLS4 combines precision performance with scalability, sophistication, customization and ease of use to deliver proven results.

Key features:

Proven Precision: The TLS4 automatic tank gauge is the premier wet stock management solution.

It delivers accurate, crucial information, including:


Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR)

Continuous Statistical Leak Detection (CSLD)

Data Logger

Temperature Compensated Volume

Proven Protection: The Veeder-Root TLS4 monitoring system uses sensor, probes and advanced software solutions to deliver accurate wet stock and forecourt information. The TLS4 protects your fuel assets whether you are on-site or with your family.

Web-Enabled Remote Connectivity

Switch Networks

Data Protection

Reduced Risks

Customized User Access

Advanced Sensor Technology

Proven Profit: The compact and powerful TLS4 monitoring system is expandable and extremely easy to use. View, configure and control the TLS4 using the GUI, or at multiple locations using web-enabled, to improve efficiency and save money. High-end features include:

Color Touch Screen

Faster Problem Resolution

Customized Home Screen and Favorites

Customized Alarms

Customer Satisfaction Future Proof – purchase the TLS4 today and enjoy the option to add additional features later as your business grows or as regulations change