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Washing materials - stroking the car

WashTec is also an innovative leader in the development of washing materials.  After all, we reinvented car washing with our super-soft washing material SofTecs®. This is one of the gentlest washing materials there has ever been.

WashTec washing materials offer outstanding performance.



The enhancement of the test winner and bestseller SofTecs® is characterised by higher-density foam material and the use of longer, more filigree filaments. The increased density of the material gives more cleaning power; the finer filaments wash cracks, gaps and edges more efficiently.

 SofTecs® and SofTecs2 – the absolutely gentle car wash – will increase repeat business and encourage new customers:


SofTecs® – the innovation from the house of WashTec.

The particularly soft, foamed polyethylene cleans even the most sensitive paint finishes without leaving the tiniest trace.

 No risks - but lots of added advantages

The new super-soft material, SofTecs®, made from foamed polyethylene, removes dirt more gently than any other material.

 New stays new

New paint? No problem. With new vehicles in particular, maintaining the shine of the paint is particularly important. SofTecs® keeps your paintwork dazzling all the time.

 Dark paints - a dazzling shine

Traditional PE brush material leaves fine brush marks on vehicle paintwork. This creates a light yet visible grey shimmer. With SofTecs®, paintwork stays shiny after innumerable washes, because SofTecs® leaves no traces behind.

 Scientifically proven

Even after washing 300 times, SofTecs® leaves no brushmarks on vehicles. This has been scientifically proven.

 Lasting pleasure

SofTecs® is extremely durable and will easily cope with over 50,000 washes.

 Way ahead

This creates confidence and produces a lucrative competitive advantage.

 Gentle power

A high-pressure pre-wash rises even tough particles from extremely dirty vehicles using a gentle spray. This is the precondition for a gentle SofTecs wash.


With SofTecs® and SofTecs2, you are choosing to opt for higher turnover: this high-quality product means you can increase your average price. This is another reason why 90% of all new WashTec facilities are supplied complete with SofTecs®.



PE is a tried and tested washing material that is available in many brightly glowing colours, so it always makes a fresh impression. Outstanding wash results, a long working life and low price characterise this material.

*Fine PE strips clean awkward contours and chinks.

*Spliced ends remove even stubborn dirt.

*Extremely long working life, because PE hardly wears at all.

*Particularly low price due to synthetic manufacture.

*Polyethylene is available for all car wash types.


Extra-soft washing around every contour: The narrow strips of hard-wearing textile material, which retains its value, clean even the most awkward angles on bodywork thoroughly.

*Extra soft, paint-protecting textile strips.

*Hard-wearing material which retains its value.

*Textiles create confidence that cleaning is gentle.

*With the textile rollers, you are offering your carwash tunnel customers a popular alternative.