<h1>MaxiWash Express</h1>

MaxiWash Express


High-speed truckwash – only 2 minutes to go

High-speed truckwash

MaxiWash Express offers maximum time savings. Here, the driver stays at the wheel during washing. Once they have passed through the truckwash, the driver and the truck are ready for use again straight away. The compact stationary design guarantees outstanding flexibility in the choice of location even if very little space is available.

 The cleaning time of less than two minutes makes MaxiWash Express lucrative for all companies for whom time in money. It is ideal for washing:



*Trucks with trailers

*Articulated trucks


These are the special features that characterize MaxiWash Express:


Real time savings

MaxiWash Express allows large vehicle fleets to keep their vehicles clean all the time with the minimum of effort.

*The drivers steers through the system himself.

*Because of the flexible brush technique, the vehicle is washed all round during the passage.

*After 2 minutes, the truck is gleaming again, ready for use.

Intelligent cutting-edge technology

In its commercial vehicle washing systems, WashTec has realised the best ideas for optimum washing results and lasting profitability.

Reliable technology

The low-maintenance technology of the MaxiWash Express guarantees a long working life with minimum maintenance and saves you time and money.

Special washing results

Innovative washing components ensure particular cleanliness which will promote your business and ensure attractive profits.

Additional options to increase turnover

MaxiWash offers you lots of additional programmes and add-ons so that you can match your washing services precisely to the needs of your customers.


MaxiWash Express creates a good image with a real time saving through fast cleaning.