<h1>Overfill Prevention Equipment</h1>

Overfill Prevention Equipment

Shut-Off Valves

EBW emergency shut-off valves immediately stop product flow in the event of fire

or collision at the dispenser. A patented adapter shears clean upon impact,

causing the poppet to seal on the valve body preventing fuel spillage. When fire

occurs, a fusible link releases the fulcrum arm, engaging the poppet. Standard

1-1/2” openings allow minimal flow restriction and a pre-drilled test plug is

included for line pressure testing. The valve can be boss or U-bolt mounted.

Easy-to-replace adapters slide on and off valve base without lifting the dispenser.

Adapters are available in male, female or union connections. Single poppet

models stop product flow from the pump. Double poppet models stop flow from

the pump and dispenser piping.


Overfill Prevention Valve

The Autolimiter® overfill prevention valve is a self contained two-stage positive shut-off  valve designed to prevent the overfill of an underground storage tank (UST) during a gravity fed product delivery. When the liquid level of the UST reaches about 92% of the tank capacity during a fill, the product in the tank raises the lower float of the valve. The primary poppet of the valve is then released and reduces flow to about 10% of normal flow. The sudden reduction in flow created by the closing of the primary poppet provides “line shock” to the fill hose notifying the transport delivery driver the tank is nearing 95% capacity. The transport delivery driver can then stop filling the tank, disconnect and drain the delivery hose. The upper float will close off the product flow when the product level reaches 95% of the tank capacity


Spill Containers

EBW’s Grade Level Spill Containers are designed to collect spilled product that occurs during normal tank filling on underground storage tanks. Threaded base models are available in cast iron or composite. Slip-On (Retrofit) models use a gasket flanged bolt system to secure the spill bucket to the riser pipe and are designed to eliminate the need to remove the riser pipe from the underground tank when installing.