<h1>TLS 2 Series</h1>

TLS 2 Series

Automated inventory control eliminates need for time consuming manual dipping

Real time inventory data is available for all tanks on-demand, eliminating the need to manually dip tanks, ending uncertainties over stock readings, removing health and safety risks to staff and freeing up time for more profitable business activities.

Accurate inventory data available on-site and at remote management centers

Consistently accurate readings take the uncertainty out of inventory control, helping to identify and remove causes of variance before they become critical issues. Remote access to inventory data across multiple sites allows the whole network to be managed efficiently.

Graphical touch screen display for easy operation

Simple, touch-screen menu navigation means that clearly presented key facts and figures are literally at your fingertips. Intuitive operation means site staff can quickly and easily use the system with the minimum of training.

Test tanks for leaks according to various certified standards

When a tank leak is suspected, the TLS 2 precision leak test feature can be used for immediate investigation, without additional costs. Tests can be run on-demand or scheduled to run during quiet times for additional peace of mind.