<h1>UPP Pipe</h1>

UPP Pipe

EN-Standard UPP Pipe

EN14125 Standard UPP Primary Pipe can be used in both suction and pressure applications and is ideal for use as product fill lines or vapour vent lines in forecourts, marinas and airports where EN14125-approved pipe is the desired specification. Available in diameters ranging from 50 mm to 110 mm, UPP Primary Pipe comes in both coils as well as straight lengths to accommodate any installation. For pressure systems or environmentally sensitive installations, UPP Primary Pipe combines with the UPP Secondary Pipe to form an enhanced level of protection as UPP Coaxial (Secondary) Piping. The HDPE (high-density polyethylene) outer layer construction of all UPP Pipe allows all connections to be joined using the electrofusion welding process; providing a solid, single continuous system of pipework.


New EVOH Layer

Its strength advantages are as CLEAR as the natural EVOH resin inner liner found in Franklin Fueling System's new UPP EN14125 Standard Pipe. This latest revolution in fuel piping features an innovative clear inner lining made of natural EVOH resin; a feature which allows UPP EN14125 Standard Pipe to achieve an exceptional Class T1 temperature rating. Class T1 strength to you means reliability and performance as UPP EN14125 Standard Pipe is rated for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 50°C.

The latest in coextrusion technology allows us to permanently bond the clear un-pigmented,

natural EVOH resin fuel contact layer seamlessly with a rugged PE100 high-density polyethylene outer structural layer, providing you with a new level of protection, performance and dependability.


UPP Underground Fuel Pipe Product Summary:

Due to its impressive T1 rating, the EN-Standard UPP Pipe maintains a very high level of safety with operational temperature range of -40°C to 50°C, almost zero permeation and a burst pressure capability in excess of 40 bar.

Uses a highly efficient electrofusion welding system which connects the pipe and fittings to create a seamless direct burial pipework system.

This eliminates any leak paths from underground tank to the dispenser connection, ensuring full protection from the ingress of ground water and eliminates the chance of a spill into the environment.

Compatible with a wide range of fuels, alcohol mixtures andadditives ensuring suitability for allfuel groups encountered aroundthe world. Tested and approvedfor use with hydrocarbons, alcohol fuel blends and biofuels at pressures up to 10 bar.

No requirement for a concrete trench because HDPE is structurally resistant to weight of backfill material and dynamic traffic loads. 30 years of experience shows no material failures and no loss into the ground.

Extensive studies simulating fuel flow situations have demonstrated that, with a wide margin of safety, non-conductive pipe cannot be a source of spark ignition and is therefore a safe choice concerning the risks of electrostatic discharge.

Tough, specially formulated EVOH liner.

Zero or near zero permeation.

Available in a variety of diameters.

Available in straight lengths or coils.

Complete range of fittings is available.

UPP Entry Seals & Fittings

The nature of the seals means that after installation it becomes one with the sump, with zero leak paths, creating a 100% leak tight system. The seals are polyethylene based allowing electrofusion of UPP pipework systems directly to the penetration, negating the need for mechanical boots and creating a homogeneous structure of the sump, boot and pipe.