<h1>Vapor Recovery Systems</h1>

Vapor Recovery Systems

Vapor Recovery Systems help insure the cleanliness of the air in the forecourt area by separating gasoline vapor into fuel and air. This allows clean air to be released into the atmosphere while useable fuel is returned to the storage tank.

Vapor recovery technology separate gasoline vapor into fuel and air. Clean air is released into the atmosphere, while your valuable fuel is kept where it belongs… in your storage tank. (stage 1)

Vapor Recovery System is designed for gasoline-dispensing stations to provide gasoline vapor collection and removal from the dispensing (forecourt) area. Collected vapor is returned to the gasoline storage tank ullage space through a dedicated vapor pipe and vent network. ( Stage 2)

Vapor Swivel Adaptor: Stage I Vapor Recovery Adaptors are installed in spill containment manholes on the vapor recovery riser pipe from an underground gasoline storage tank. They mate with the vapor recovery elbow on the delivery transport truck when recovery of gasoline vapors is required.

Vapor Recovery Adaptor: This poppeted adaptor, designed to mate with a vapor recovery elbow, for returning gasoline vapor to the tank truck during a fuel delivery to an underground tank. The 1611 Series is rated at 10 psi maximum working pressure.

Vapor Recovery Cap: It is installed on the vapor recovery adaptor, when not in use, to prevent vapors from escaping and to prevent water, dust and debris from entering the tank. Constructed of Duratuff® to help prevent corrosion, 4" Kamloks, and features a center post that allows an even distribution of force when coupling to the adaptor. it can be locked with a padlock.

Low Profile Vapor Cap: Low profile top seal vapor cap is designed for tight installations where the clearance between the top of the vapor adaptor and the underside of the spill container or manhole cover is limited.  The rugged iron lever provides a positive cam-action that seats the cap firmly in the adaptor groove for a water and vapor tight seal.