<h1>Water Recovery System</h1>

Water Recovery System

AquaX² - Innovative water recovery system for gantry car washes, offering over 70% reduction in energy consumption


AquaX² - the economical and chemical-free way to recycle water

*The new control and regulation system reduces energy consumption by more than 70%

*The water quality fully complies with the requirements for car washing and excess water disposal

*High filter performance, facilitating virtually 100% water recovery, without adding chemicals

*Space-saving thanks to versatile installation of the modular components

*Even more maintenance-friendly thanks to electronic control of the water flows

The AquaX² from WashTec offers innovative water recovery for gantry car washes. The high-performance filtration system does not require the addition of any chemicals whatsoever and reduces energy consumption by 70%. The AquaX² - economical, chemical-free, innovative.

 The technique. Thinking ahead for greater effectiveness

WashTec AquaX² functionality

The main elements of the AquaX² are two conical filter tanks. The conical shape creates a constantly decreasing flow rate that produces outstanding deep filter results.

The principle involves allowing the dirty water to flow first through a layer of gravel and subsequently more slowly through a layer of sand above it. Coarse-grained material at the tank entrance is filtered without blocking the system, whilst the fine material effectively filters out even the finest of particles.

Making full use of the entire gravel bed in line with the flow prevents the filter from becoming blocked. A high flow rate during the back-wash flow cycle produces a powerful agitating action, which effectively breaks up clumps of wax and flushes them out to waste.

At any given time, one tank is being cleaned by means of automatic back-washing, whilst the other, feeding water into the recycled water storage tank, is busy meeting your demands. This means that you should not need to add fresh water, even during regeneration.



The filtering cycle - How dirt is removed and fresh water saved

WashTec AquaX² filtering cycle

1. The waste water flows through the silt trap into a storage tank with an aeration system that effectively prevents odour.

2. The pre-cleaned water is pumped through filters in the two tanks.

3. During the two-stage filtration operation, the water flows through one coarse and one finer gravel layer.

4. Now free of particles, the water flows into the recycled water storage tank.

5. The cleaned water is pumped from the storage tank to the car wash.

6. Any water that is not required is returned to the circulation pipes.

7. Excess water is disposed of by being discharged into the sampling shaft or drains.